Leopard Gecko Ovulation – Everything You Need to Know

For leopard gecko owners, it’s important to know about ovulation and how it works. Every leopard gecko is born with a set number of eggs that she will lay in her lifetime. Once those eggs are gone, she can no longer produce more. This makes every clutch of eggs especially precious.

Luckily, understanding ovulation in leopard geckos is not complicated. In this blog post, we’ll cover everything you need to know about leopard gecko ovulation, from the signs that your gecko is about to lay eggs to what to do once she has laid them. By the end, you’ll be an expert on all things related to leopard gecko ovulation!

Signs That Your Leopard Gecko Is About to Lay Eggs

There are several signs that your leopard gecko is getting ready to lay eggs. She may start digging more often in her enclosure, as she looks for a place to deposit her eggs. She may also become more aggressive, as she tries to defend her territory from potential threats.

You may notice that your leopard gecko starts eating more than usual as well. This is because she needs the extra nutrients to produce healthy eggs. Finally, you may see a change in her appearance. Her belly may start to round out as her eggs mature and she may seem overall bloated.

What To Do Once Your Leopard Gecko Has Laid Eggs

Once your leopard gecko has laid her eggs, it’s important to remove them from the enclosure as soon as possible. This is because leopard geckos are not maternal and will often eat their own eggs if given the chance.

Place the eggs in an incubator set at 82 degrees Fahrenheit with high humidity. The incubation period for leopard gecko eggs is approximately 60 days. Once they hatch, you can put the babies back in with their mother (assuming she hasn’t eaten them!).

Leopard gecko ovulation is not complicated but it is important to understand if you want to successfully breed your geckos. By knowing the signs that your leopard gecko is getting ready to lay eggs and what to do once she has laid them, you can ensure that all of her clutches make it safely into the world!

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