5 BFP Success Stories After Late Ovulation

Though it’s less common, some women do ovulate later in their cycle. If you’re one of those women, you may have felt like you were out of the running for getting pregnant this month. But don’t despair! Here are five stories from women who got a positive pregnancy test even though they ovulated later in their cycle.

1. I was tracking my basal body temperature and saw that I ovulated about a week later than usual. I was really worried that it meant I wouldn’t be able to get pregnant this month, but I’m happy to report that I got my BFP!

2. I wasn’t tracking my ovulation, but I had a feeling that it was later than usual. My period is usually very regular, so when it was a week late, I took a pregnancy test just to be sure. Sure enough, it was positive!

3. I track my cervical mucus and saw that there was a delay in ovulation this month. Still, we decided to BD every other day just in case, and it paid off! We got our BFP on the first try.

4. My husband’s work schedule is really unpredictable, so we don’t always get to BD as often as we’d like. This month, we only managed to do it twice—once around the time, I thought I would ovulate and once just before my period was due. Turns out the second time was the charm, and we got our BFP!

5. This is our first month of TTC, and we weren’t really sure when I would ovulate. We decided to BD every other day starting from the first day of my period. The wait was worth it—we got our BFP on the first try!

If you’re trying to conceive and you think you may have ovulated late this month, don’t give up hope yet! These women all got their BFP even though they ovulated later than usual. So take heart—you may still be in the running for getting pregnant this month after all.

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